Ailments Allopathy Fails, Varmakali Cures!

Powerful all Natural Therapy to Heal from Within!

Varmakalai is an alternative therapy to cure diseases without drugs and surgeries. It branches from Siddha Therapy, which evolved a few thousands of years ago in India. Varmakalai literally translates to ‘art of vital points’. It is a traditional art of healing originated in Tamil Nadu, India.

Our body houses 350 therapeutic Varma points that can be stimulated for a whole healing experience. This unique Varmakalai therapy did not gain popularity due to its secretive nature. To change this, and provide healing to everyone around the globe, Abhaya Mudra introduced a dedicated Varma healing therapy program to educate on promoting self defense mechanisms performed by their internal body. 

At Abhaya Mudra, clientele is healed based on their health status and illness condition utilizing the art of triggering vital points in the body. The therapy of Varmakalai rejuvenates and activates disabled organ movements and functions. 

With expertise of Dr. Harishankar , discomforts of clients can be healed and taken care of without any discomfort. 

Varmakalai Therapy at Abhaya Mudra has gained recognition for the following ailments. 

  • Discomfort in Neck, Shoulder, Hand, Elbow, Leg, Hip & Knee
  • Treats Spinal Cord Problems (Cervical to Sacral)
  • Relaxation techniques for Stress/Anxiety/Depression

Did you know? 
Life begins with Varmakalai. Did you know that every life begins with Varmatap. Every infant once born is tapped on the spine and a crying baby is the indication of a healthy baby. By tapping the infant’s spine the nadis are stimulated and these nadis help protect the body. Even with zero awareness we have adapted to Varmakalai as part of our lives.

What Ailments does Varmakalai Treat?

Without the help of medication, Varmakalai successfully treats various diseases that stuns medical practitioners around the globe. Some of the ailments that could be treated with Varmakalai include:

  • Asthma 
  • Arthritis
  • Bowel and gastrointestinal diseases 
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • High BP/Low BP 
  • Kidney disorders
  • Liver and gallbladder diseases
  • Neurological problems, Infertility, pregnancy related therapies
  • All forms of mind disorders and insomnia
  • Specialty vertigo/ dizziness therapies
  • Therapy of skin diseases, Epilepsy specialty therapies, spine problems 
  • Bleeding disorders, facial palsy, and many more

Who can Utilize Varmakalai ?

Utmost complex conditions such as autism, where allopathy therapy has tried and failed, Varmalogy therapy has proven beneficiary. Every person can take advantage of Varmakalai therapy. Right from children with minor challenges to old people with chronic ailments can utilise Varmakalai therapies. Varmakalai therapy methods result in rejuvenating and revitalizing guests.

Side Effects of Varmakalai

Varmakalai has rarely reported any side effects and even the ones surfaced are negligible and reversible. With this therapy, good health of mind, body, and soul is assured.

Benefits of Varmakalai

The study of Varmakalai and Varma Vaidhiya, crafted by Siddhars as a science, helps in treating guests with paralysis, joint pains, arthritis, spondylitis, epilepsy, etc. The benefits also include permanent lifestyle changes that improve, physical, mental and spiritual health.

History of Varmakalai

Several scriptures unearthed in Tamil Nadu, India describe the existence of Varmakalai for more than 5000 years. Ancient literature connects Varmakalai to Lord Shiva, who passed on the knowledge to his son, Murugan, who in turn passed it on to Sage Agastya.

Siddha Therapy  and Varmakalai are related and compliment each other to cure guests better and faster!

Testing and Therapies

Numerous tests were performed to understand how the brain functions and how it reacts to varmakalai therapy versus how it reacts to allopathy. All major studies determined groups that were tested Varmakalai therapy techniques were less stressed, had better concentration and consistent sleeping patterns.


Stimulating crucial energy centers cures various diseases. With time and experience, allopathic doctors are slowly accepting that fact that Varmakalai can coexist and complement allopathy.

The art of Varmakalai addresses the root cause of any disease and eliminates the disease causing energies to make the body healthy.