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Abhaya Mudra

Relax, Refresh, Revitalize



We at Abhaya Mudra firmly believe in taking you on a close journey of wellness guided by our team of ayurvedic experts.

Our goal is to bring the essence of authentic treatments from our gods own country Kerala to our humble abode Abhaya Mudra.

We also believe in treating your body as a temple because incase you don't get reminded of how wonderfully complex and interconnected and integrated smooth functioning body we all are blessed with 

We are here to remind and also enrich it with our expertise in performing our treatments.

Drive down through CASUARINA DRIVE to explore the treasure of wellness at Abhaya Mudra. A promise to wellness enhancement.

Yes... at Abhaya Mudra, the business is like PRAYERS.


Head Massage

Head Massage

Abhaya Mudra

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